The day has finally arrived! After a long year working on the caravan, it has found it's place at Melbourne Leisurefest and the boys have fronted the media to talk about their journey to this point.


Come and see the van at Sandown from October 6th-9th and speak to the group about the van, and of course, buy tickets to win it!

Final Sprint

The van  is back at Salesian after a trip to Hardings Swift Caravan Repairs for some work installing the new axles, toolbox and wheels. 


The artwork has been added, as well as a huge list of our generous sponsors.

Only a few days until Leisurefest, so we're working hard to make sure we're ready for the big day.

Tickets for the van raffle are still available, so show your support and get a ticket!

Cladding begins

Now that the wiring has been laid through the walls, we're able to screw in light and power fittings, and begin to clad the van in aluminium. 

We've also affixed the bench top, and begun to install accessories such as the stereo. 

Seat & Bed Frames

Now we've made the frames for the beds and seating, with lids to access underneath for storage. We've also insulated the caravan, and built the benchtop above the fridge. The electrical wiring has begun, and we've had a visit from Rob and Daniel from the Caravan Industry Association. 

Windows and Cupboards

Things are coming together well in the caravan build. 
We have been working on the upper cupboards, checking to see if our windows fit, installing the fridge, and getting the bench-top ready.

We also now have acquired our aluminium cladding and checker plate from Hume Caravans, so once the wiring is completed, we can begin sealing up the outside. It's starting to look like a real caravan!